What is CHKDSK utility?

Answer CHKDSK is a command-line application built into Windows that will check your hard drive for errors. Not only will it exhaustively test your hard disk, but it will also attempt to fix any errors th... Read More »

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What is the chkdsk utility?

If you find your computer running slowly or, even worse, showing the dreaded blue screen, there's a way to see what's going on with your hard drive: use the chkdsk utility.What Is It?Chkdsk (pronou... Read More »

How to Run a Chkdsk Utility on Windows XP?

Chkdsk is a Microsoft Windows program that fixes errors on your computer's hard drives. Whenever your computer reads and writes data to and from your hard drives, errors can be introduced into the ... Read More »

What does chkdsk fix?

According to the Computer Hope website, the chkdsk software utility is used to check a hard disk drive's status for any errors with the hard disk drive. If the utility finds errors on the drive, it... Read More »

What does CHKDSK mean?

CHKDSK means "Check Disk." It's a command-activated tool that checks your hard drive for errors. The tool attempts to fix any errors that it finds. It also provides information about the hard drive... Read More »