What is CDA audio format?

Answer CDA files are short for compact disc audio. According to the CoolUtils Development website, CDA files do not contain actual audio information but instead represent the files burned on a compact dis... Read More »

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What format do most audio CD players use?

Audio CD players use the Red Book audio standard as virtually all CDs conform to it. Sony and Philips designed the Red Book standard as a joint effort in 1980. Red Book audio CDs contain digital au... Read More »

What video/audio format should I convert to?

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What tools can be converted into other formats of audio and video files AMV format?… click for latest version and you will need…… choose only the correct ... Read More »

Are regular audio CDs in WAV format?

Regular audio CDs contain CD Audio (CDA) files, which are not the same as WAV files. CDA files do not contain audio; instead, they reference a location on a physical disc that contains audio. The o... Read More »