What is Blue-Ray storage media?

Answer A Blu-Ray is a spinning disc optical media used for the storage of lage amounts of data in a portable, typically read only format. CD's, DVD's, Laser disc's, VCD's and HD-DVD's all use(d) a red las... Read More »

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What is the best archival digital media storage?

On One Hand: Back Up to an Online DatabaseMany online databases allow you to use their remote servers for storage purposes. Some examples are SugarSync, and Streamload. This method is usefu... Read More »

What is the definition of a media storage device?

A media storage device is a device that holds computer data. The storage devices come in two forms--primary storage devices and secondary storage devices. Primary storage devices hold data for shor... Read More »

What is a miniature mobile storage media device?

A miniature mobile storage media device is a storage device primarily used with hand-held computers or digital cameras. Common types of miniature mobile storage devices are smart cards, USB flash d... Read More »

What is a mass media storage message on a Blackberry?

The mass media storage message appears when the BlackBerry device is connected to a PC using the USB cable. Mass media storage mode allows the BlackBerry device to transfer files directly between t... Read More »