What is Blue- Ray Disc & what is it for?

Answer pretty much a hddvd with a different name, much more hi def, and needs its on blu-ray player. or a ps3

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Will blue ray disc players play the blue ray disc on a regular tube TV?

Most Bluray players can play either DVDs or Bluray discs using a standard definition television. Almost all Bluray players have an analog composite, S-video or component output that can be used. Be... Read More »

What is the size of Blue Ray Disc?

If you're talking about length, the Blu-Ray disc is the same exact size of a DVD. But if you're talking about memory size, I think it is 50GB.

What is Blue-ray Disc technology?

I am almost certain that Sony developed Blu-Ray.

What is definition of blue ray disc?

A Blu-rayay disc can only be played on a Blu-Ray player. The name Blu-ray name is derived from the color of the laser beam that the player uses to read the discs.