What is Blu-ray format?

Answer Blu-ray format is the reigning technology in the high-definition video (HD) disc market. Worldwide, Blu-ray is supported by about 200 companies in the consumer electronic and information technology... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Letter Format & Memo Format?

At first glance the differences between letters and memos may seem negligible. While an obvious difference is that letters are used to communicate with those outside an organization and memos are d... Read More »

What format is the blu ray equivalent of the format avi?

My scanner does photos in bitmap format. Can I change them to jpeg format?

You should be able to do so. Check the software included with the scanner and see if the option can be changed.

How can I convert a funky camera format into avi, mp4, mov, or any other usable format?

If ffdshow is working I'd guess your video format is some form of MPEG-4, but "podunk" isn't too helpful. Super should work, but without more detail it's impossible to know what's going wrong. Gi... Read More »