What is Bird Nest Custody and how does it benefit the children?

Answer BIRD NEST CUSTODYIt's a form of access or custody where the children stay in the former family residence and it is the parents who rotate in and out separately and on a negotiated schedule. The ch... Read More »

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How quickly does a bird learn to fly once it has left the nest?

Fledglings (baby birds) can take two weeks to fly. Some birds may not leave the nest until they learn to fly, but others will not learn to fly until they leave the nest. Parents will force them out... Read More »

If both parents have 5050 custody of children what happens if one parent becomes incarcerated does that parent lose their custody?

How to Make a Bird Nest?

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Bird Nest Gifts?

If you have a friend who loves birds, consider buying her a gift that incorporates the whimsy and beauty of a bird nest. A bird nest represents the beginning of a baby bird's life and carries with ... Read More »