How to Get Your Hair Color Back to Its Natural Color?

Answer Have you recently colored your hair and are not happy with it? Or maybe your just ready to go back to a more natural look. This is a step by step of how to get back to your natural shade. This is a... Read More »

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Iwant to dye my hair. i have naturaly blonde hair. will my color ever go back to its natural shade?

The only way your hair will 'go back' to it's natural shade is if you use a temporary hair color, which is designed to wash out in a number of washes(usually 1), or semi permanent color on un-damag... Read More »

Is Natural Hair Color Dye Better?

Natural hair color dye ingredients may be better for those worried about the continuing debate over traditional hair dye safety. However, natural hair color products may not work as well or last as... Read More »

What is your natural hair color ?

Mousy brown. I color it a dark reddish brown. And tweak my color all the time. I had a teacher in beauty school tell me that just because your were born with the color doesn't mean it's the right ... Read More »

How to Grow Out Your Hair Color and Go Natural?

Hair dye contains many toxic chemicals, and some people suspect it may cause health problems. Some dyes can leave hair brittle and dry, which may lead to breakage. Growing out previously colored ha... Read More »