What is Bengay for?

Answer Bengay is a medicated cream manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, a pain reliever for minor aches and pains in muscles or joints sold in most drug stores. The company website states that the cream del... Read More »

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What is Bengay used for?

Bengay is a topical treatment that uses a penetrating heating lotion to target sore and stiff muscles caused by exertion or conditions such as arthritis. The over-the-counter pain reliever comes in... Read More »

Who invented Bengay?

Bengay was invented by Dr. Jules Bengué in France. It was brought to the United States in 1898. It was originally produced by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and is now produced by Johnson & Johnson.So... Read More »

Bengay Safety in Pregnancy?

Pregnant women cannot take all over-the-counter drugs, as some medications may negatively affect the unborn fetus. All drugs, including Bengay, should be discussed with a doctor before usage.

Is it ok to use Bengay or topical ointment for muscle relief while pregnant not sure if methyl salicylate menthol eucalyptus is safe?

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