How to Make Taped Bedtime Stories for the Kids?

Answer All the kids all over the world need stories when they are about to sleep.Their parents or their grandparents can read them.But what happens when the adults are extremely busy or what happens when ... Read More »

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Why should children have a bedtime?

so they won't be up all night and sleeping the whole day

How to Dress for Bedtime?

Bedtime gives you the energy you need to go through your days, and so you don't want to be tossing and turning all night because you are uncomfortable. Choosing the right P.J.'s may help boost your... Read More »

Bedtime schedule... (insomnia!)?

Keeping it simple is best. Take a relaxing bath using bubble bath or salts you enjoy. Drink some warm milk. Listen to some quiet and soothing music. Meditate for ten to fifteen minutes. Make s... Read More »

Why take cholesterol medication at bedtime?

Cholesterol pills, or statins, are medications prescribed by your doctor to lower your blood cholesterol. In most cases, your pharmacist will instruct you to take your statin at bedtime.EffectsStat... Read More »