What is Baltimore club music?

Answer Baltimore club music is a form of hip-hop that developed and grew popular in Baltimore, Maryland, through the city's music clubs.PaceBaltimore club music has a fast-moving, energetic style that enc... Read More »

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How to Dance to Baltimore Club Music?

Baltimore Club is a music genre that is popular in Baltimore. Baltimore Club is really fast with 130 BPM. There are dances that go with this music. Anyone can dance to Baltimore club like they want... Read More »

How to Dance to Baltimore Cub Music?

Baltimore Club is a music genre which started in Baltimore, Maryland. The dances are the spongebob, crazy legs. Baltimore club is fast with 130 BPM.

Music Festivals in Baltimore, Maryland?

If you are thinking of taking a future trip to Baltimore, Maryland, you may want to plan your getaway to coincide with one of the city's music festivals. With a wide representation of musical genre... Read More »

Popular club music or house music on radio?

Not that ive heard of... what you could do is buy an FM transmitter... plug it in ur ipod or mp3 player... switch the settings to the station you want, and the music will take over the station... l... Read More »