What does basic stand for in Visual Basic?

Answer Microsoft Visual Basic, an event-driven computer programming language, is based on the BASIC programming language developed at Dartmouth College in the early 1960s. BASIC stands for Beginners All-P... Read More »

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What weapons do soldiers learn to use in Air force Basic Training and what uniforms are assigned in Air force basic?

The correct term is Airmen, not soldiers. Airmen learn to use the M-16 in basic training and are now issued the ABU (Airman Battle Uniform).

How to Code a Basic Calculator in Visual Basic '08?

This simple program will be capable of simple math, squaring and cubing numbers

Which is better Allstate motor club roadside most basic plan or AAA most basic plan?

There are too many variables. You need to contact a local agent or agency and ask for quotes.

What to Put in a Basic Tool Box?

In order to put together a basic tool box, you must know what tools are used the most and what sizes are available. While you can never truly predict what tools you will need, you can get the basic... Read More »