Why don't people show their avatars avatars are much cooler then the little smiley face deale bobs?

Answer I think what's written is the important thing, not some silly picture on the side.If you want to put a picture, go ahead. I couldn't be bothered.

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What software makes avatars?

Poser, a commercial program, by SmithMicro lets you create avatars by starting with 3D human models that you can change and pose and then export to a variety of formats. Gmax is free and offers mor... Read More »

What are the games with avatars chatting and no downloads also for 9years old and up?

Ok, so am I missing something What does the YFF mean on some of the avatars I have been seeing?

How do you get customized avatars?

I have seen alot of customized avatars for people such as mepain and killerk I myself want to know (and i'm sure others do to) how you get one.