What is August Moon?

Answer August Moon is a Chinese reference to the 15th night of the eighth month in the Chinese calender. It is short for the August Moon festival, an annual Chinese celebration.OriginsThe August Moon Fest... Read More »

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August Moon Festival?

Also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, the August Moon Festival is a Chinese celebration of the harvest, much in the same manner as the American Thanksgiving holiday. August Moon is held on the 15t... Read More »

What planet is near the moon in August over Washington state?

During August 2010, the moon will pass by all of the planets, beginning with Mercury on the 11th and Saturn, Venus and Mars on the 12th. It will be conjunct with Pluto on the 19th, Neptune on the 2... Read More »

In Science, How Do the Moon's Phases Depend on the Relative Position of the Sun, Moon & Earth?

The ancient peoples of the Earth defined their calendars by the phases of the moon. Although the Earth's cycle about the sun is more important for determining the seasons for planting and harvestin... Read More »

When NASA was communicating with astronauts on the Moon the time from sending to receiving was 1.28 s What is the distance to the Moon based on this?

The radio signals travel at the speed of light, approximately 300,000 km/sec (186,000 mi/sec). The distance would be 1.28 x 300,000 or about 384,000 kilometers.*The actual time is an estimate, and ... Read More »