What is Atkinson's achievement motivation theory?

Answer John William Atkinson researched the motivation and achievement area of psychology in the 1960's. His research expanded upon previous research about achievement motivation and took into account fee... Read More »

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What is achievement motivation theory?

Developed after years of psychology research in the mid-20th century, Achievement Motivation Theory continues to guide employers in motivating and rewarding employees. By applying the theory to ide... Read More »

What is the meaning of achievement motivation?

The American Psychological Association (APA) Concise Dictionary of Psychology defines motivation as "the impetus that gives purpose or direction to human or animal behavior and operates at a consci... Read More »

Motivation Theory & Leadership?

Leadership is intrinsically tied to motivation. People who issue routine orders from the basis of a bureaucratic hierarchy are not leaders per se, since there is no specific grounds for leadership;... Read More »

When was the motivation theory for leadership developed?

Abraham Maslow in 1943 developed human motivational theory, which he presented as a hierarchy of needs. This theory was expanded in 1959 and applied to leadership by Frederick Herzberg, who presen... Read More »