Hawaii's State Flower & Tree?

Answer Like other American states, the state of Hawaii has an official state flower and tree--both of which appropriately tropical, although the state symbols have undergone a few changes over the years.

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When was New York's state tree adopted?

The New York State tree was adopted in 1956. The state tree is the sugar maple, the scientific name of which is Acer saccharum. The sugar maple is known for its brightly colored fall foliage and fo... Read More »

Which of the U.S. states state tree is the pecan?

The pecan tree is the official state tree of the state of Texas. It was made the state tree by decree of the Texas State Legislature in 1919. Texas is the largest producer of native pecans.Source:L... Read More »

When was the Florida state tree adopted?

The Sabal Palm became Florida's official state tree in 1953.

Facts About the Kansas State Tree?

The eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides) is the state tree of Kansas. This native tree of the Great Plains can be found all across the eastern United States. Not commonly used as a landscape tree... Read More »