How effective is the anthrax vaccine?

Answer Medical studies show that the anthrax vaccine was safe and effective, vaccines use a system of injecting dead or weakened pathogens of the virus it is curing, that way the individual's immune syste... Read More »

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Who sent anthrax in 2001?

Dr. Bruce Ivins was the official suspect in the 2001 anthrax attacks, whose investigation was code-named "Amerithrax." In 2008, the FBI was preparing to charge Ivins with the crime; however, he com... Read More »

How to Recognize the Symptoms of Anthrax?

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Who developed the vaccines for rabbies and anthrax?

Louis Pasteur invented the shot for rabies in 1885. He also invented the vaccine for anthrax

Scared I have inhaled anthrax (not a joke)?

Anthrax is highly illegal there's no way there was anthrax on leaves in a therapists office. I don't know what you inhaled but it wasn't anthrax so we could rule that out completely.