What is Ansel Adams' style of photography?

Answer black and white landscape. generally American landscapes

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What style of art did Ansel Adams use?

Ansel Adams was a photographer who developed the zone system and belonged to the f/64 group, named for the very small aperture setting which allowed for the sharp detail and extreme depth of field ... Read More »

What made Ansel Adams' photography unique?

Ansel Adams was a master of "previsualization" and is considered to be the inventor of the Zone system. Using these two techniques and his sometimes unique perspective, he produced negatives that w... Read More »

What type of photography does Ansel Adams do?

Ansel Adams was a photographer, he mostly took pictures of natural things like landscapes and foliage. He is famous for working almost exclusively in black and white.

What impact did Ansel Adams have on photography and the zone system?

Ansel Adams invented the Zone System. The Zone System allows the photographer to precisely expose the most important element in his photograph. You use a spot meter and measure every important thin... Read More »