What is Anaerobic Capacity...?

Answer heres some sites that can help u- (these sites helped me when i was doing my sports assignment)……http://answers.y... Read More »

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What is the printing capacity of an expression home xp-400 standard and high capacity cartridge?

You can take epson's numbers with a large grain of salt. Their cartridges are usually 3/4 empty when brand new and the printers often say out of ink when you can shake the cartridge and hear the in... Read More »

Do blank discs have varying capacity,for instance do you need a larger capacity disc to download a full length?

Yes, they're are all types of blank cd's ones with 700mb or 1.5gb and more depending on how much you want to put on that CD you should buy accordingly. For a full length HD film I would probably bu... Read More »

Why the vital capacity of a marathon runner is greater than the vital capacity of a nonactive people?

If a person exercises a lot, he or she will not only train his or her muscles, but also his or her lungs. And since the lungs are surrounded by muscles, you train these muscles too. So a marathon r... Read More »

What is another name for anaerobic respiration?

Anaerobic respiration, the creation of energy in organisms without the need for oxygen, is also known as anaerobiosis. Some microbes practice anaerobiosis. Aerobic respiration, on the other hand, ... Read More »