What is "sweet leaf" in McLean VA?

Answer sweetleaf is going to be a cafe serving toasted sandwiches, soups, fresh salads, Coffee, Tea, cupcakes, and ice cream! I heard that it will be opening sometime in May.. Im so excited Mclean really ... Read More »

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What character did Mclean Stevenson play on TV MASH?

McLean Stevenson played the role of Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake, Commanding officer of the 4077th.

What was the name of the Oprah Winfrey show that Aj Mclean appered on?

What do Aussies think about questions about the American accent?

I can't understand those questions. The people asking them always have such thick American accents.

What do you think about the American Idol?

Did not watch first two seasons. I really enjoyed season 3 (did not think Fantasia should have won...thought George should have), loved season 4 (loved Bo and Constantine!), and season 5 (WOW Ch... Read More »