What is Advantages of remote controller for home appliences?

Answer Use the remote

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How to Synchronize a Wii Remote Controller?

The Wii's remote control, sometimes called the "Wii-mote," is a hand-held, wireless transmitter. Like other wireless controllers, such as those found with the PS3 and XBox 360, the Wii's controller... Read More »

Does a TV remote controller use radio waves?

Although not true of every system, the vast majority of remotes for TVs and other home AV equipment use infrared radiation to transmit information. Infrared radiation is very similar to visible lig... Read More »

How do you make a remote control car controller?

For carrying around car keys and front door keys

How to program a radioshack 3 in 1 remote controller?

1. Turn on the device (for example, DVD player) and, if needed, load media (for example, DVD).2. On the remote, press a device key (that is, VCR/DVD, CBL/SAT, or TV).3. Press and hold P until the r... Read More »