What is Adoption of the beliefs of a dominant culture called?

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What is the meaning of dominant culture?

Dominant culture describes the customs and traditions that maintain a social class's control over societal institutions and wealth. Alternate terms for dominant culture include mainstream culture a... Read More »

Beliefs on Beauty in the Inuit Culture?

According to the Inuulitsivik Health Center in the Canadian province of Quebec, the Inuit are the aboriginal people of the Arctic regions of North America. From Alaska across to Greenland, the nati... Read More »

Do your religious beliefs influence your views or feelings about adoption.?

That is a very interesting question.I was raised Christian, and heard the whole, "adoption is better than..." line. I think my views on a lot of things were shaped by my 16 years as a Christian.Th... Read More »

What is cloning crop plants in tissue culture called?

This process, which propagates new plants via a growth-stimulating gel medium in a laboratory container, is technically called micropropagation. However, it is commonly referred to as “tissue cul... Read More »