What is ActiveX?

Answer ActiveX broadly describe a variety of software functions developed by Microsoft in which the code for the application can be executed independently of the program from which the ActiveX object is u... Read More »

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What is an Activex DLL?

A Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is a special type of file in Windows that allows a program to use features that are part of another program, such as Microsoft's ActiveX. ActiveX itself is a framework ... Read More »

What is an ActiveX plug-in?

An ActiveX plug-in is a software application used in web browsers. These plug-ins allow the website to interact with a user's web browser. ActiveX programs are built with Microsoft technologies. Th... Read More »

What Is ActiveX Control?

An ActiveX control is a small program that is also referred to as an "add-on." These programs are utilized on the Internet. ActiveX controls help further your Internet browsing as they allow for an... Read More »

What is ActiveX software?

ActiveX controls, commonly referred to as ActiveX software, are components--similar to plug-ins--that allow programmers to embed enhanced functionality such as multimedia, JavaScript and more in we... Read More »