Who is Abraham's father?

Answer According to the Bible and John Gill's Bible commentary, Genesis 11: 24-32 calls Abraham's father Terah. Terah had two more sons, Nahor and Haran. After moving from the land of Ur of the Chaldeans,... Read More »

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How to Lead Like Abraham Lincoln?

One of the grandest and most studied historical leader, Abraham Lincoln was considered to be a revolutionary visionary. His ability to bring groups together in a cohesive team, made Lincoln’s one... Read More »

Did Abraham from the Bible have siblings?

Yes, Abraham had two brothers - Chanoch and Haran

Where was Abraham's home in the original Bible?

The patriarch Abraham originally came from the city of Ur, which was located in ancient Mesopotamia. According to Genesis in the Old Testament, God told Abraham to leave Ur and move to Canaan. Scho... Read More »

Did they have secret service men for Abraham Lincoln?

It is not known if she was romantically involved with Secret Service men.