What is ASTM F963?

Answer As part of an industry standard, ASTM F963 is a document that regulates the manufacture of toys in the United States. It specifies safety requirements and outlines test methods for toys intended f... Read More »

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What is ASTM F963-07?

In response to some instances of toys containing lead paint that lead to sickness in children and several recalls, the United States Congress amended consumer protections laws with the ASTM F963-07... Read More »

What does the ASTM stand for in ASTM standards?

ASTM is the acronym for the American Society for Testing and Materials. Originally formed in 1898, the society develops voluntary technical standards for a variety of manufacturing and testing proc... Read More »

What is astm a53?

ASTM A53 is a type of metallic alloy with a variety of uses. It comes in three types, which could be either of two grades depending on how it is needed. Its use depends on what type and grade of me... Read More »

What are astm standards?

ASTM stands for American Society for Testing and Materials but is now called ASTM International to reflect the global nature of their organization. ASTM standards are developed by specialized comm... Read More »