What is ASAP?

Answer AsSoonAsPossible

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What is meaning of ASAP?

As soon as possible.Don't pay much attention on this notice when it comes from your boss - it really means that he's in trouble, not you. Let him (or her) learn his job.

What to make for dinner help asap?

Cook and then mash the potatoes , add the peas and green beans to mashed potatoes , then later on fry them up like " bubble n squeak ", couple of fried eggs / sausage or something easy cheap meal .

What does ASAP stand for in the Army?

As Soon As Possible. ASAP. (Means - hurry, or - AS FAST AS POSSIBLE)

What to ask on a marijuana survey Need answers asap?

Why do you you feel the need to use illegal drugs?What is missing in your life that makes you want to use drugs?Doesn't it worry you that the smoke inhaled is damaging your lungs?Doesn't it worry ... Read More »