What is A4 paper size in pixels screen resolution is 1280x800. ?

Answer A4 is 210 x 297mm. An image is expressed in pixels x pixels.The two are totally different things.You can put an image of 210 x 297 pixels on an A4, but you can also put an image of 21000 x 29700 pi... Read More »

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What is the screen size and resolution for the Eclipse T2800?

The screen is 2.8”, with a 240x320 resolution and a 260k color TFT touch screen…

What is the recommended screen resolution size to build a website?

If you wish to know what the current trend is for monitor resolutions, then go to this URL: from the Reports menu on the left side, choose Resolutions. 1024 x 76... Read More »

How do I fix my computer screen resolution to fix my monitor size?

Right click anywhere on desktop, select "Properties", and then check out the resolution that fits your screen.Updating the driver isn't a bad idea - I just got my laptop back from the repair shop a... Read More »

What does matching your screen resolution to the resolution of a video file do?

If you leave your display resolution at it's highest allowed setting and play your video in a window, you'll most likely be viewing the video with optimal performance.If your video resolution is la... Read More »