What does a&r stand for in the music industry?

Answer A&R stands for "artist and repertoire." Employees in that department of a music label scout for new singers and bands, and then select the music that should be included in recordings.Source:The Fre... Read More »

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What are the most secure jobs in the music industry?

First, a disclaimer. . .how audacious can it be to answer a question relating to music in Australia??Nonetheless, I'll put in my two cents. . . .Session musician? I'm a nyc session musician. Secu... Read More »

What Is the Music Industry Doing to Stop Illegal Downloads?

The Internet has allowed more varied music to become more accessible, but this is coupled with illegal file sharing and downloading becoming easier and seemingly risk-free. However, illegal downloa... Read More »

In classical music terms what does humoresque and fantasy/fantasia mean?

"Humoresque" could be compared to the term "scherzo," which means, "in a joking manner." Like the Circus theme song.Fantasy refers to a certain form of the piece. Other common forms would be AB and... Read More »

Music Industry Jobs?

Choosing the right career in the music industry can mean the difference between enjoying your job and regretting your decision. Although most jobs in the music industry are stressful and demanding... Read More »