Which unit is better for an aspiring Army Ranger the 101st airborne or 82nd airborne and why?

Answer Honestly? There'd be little difference. If you wanted to go into Ranger Regiment, and felt you were up to the task, you'd enlist under a RIP contract, and go straight into a Ranger Battalion after ... Read More »

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What weapons does the 82nd airborne division use?

The most commonly weapon used by the 82nd Airborne was the M1 Garand, M1 and M1A1 Carbine, Thompson M1A1, BAR, M3 Grease Gun, M1919A4, and M1911 pistol.

What did d company 505th parachute infantry regiment 82nd airborne division do in Normandy?

Hi, everyone! I want to make a lttle min-series about a soldier in Normandy with Company D. Problem is, I can't find any detailed information on it. I would like to tell me where to find, or about ... Read More »

What is airborne medicine?

Airborne is a dietary supplement that is used to support or strengthen the immune system. The product's package, ingredients, and manufacturing are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.His... Read More »

Where can you go to join the airborne?

US Army recruitment office. The US Army has airborne divisions. There are other branches of the service that have airborne fighters, but, the US Army has more airborne soldiers than any other branc... Read More »