What is 5% of £1200 thats all i need to know?

Answer 10% is £120 - HALF of THAT, - 5% = £60

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I have a pop up thats says i won a xbox 360 i know its probaly a scam but what happens if i put in my info?

u probably win a free trojan with a bit of spyware ... thats probably all ..

Need a new idea for a website, what do you want to see on the web thats not already there?

How about a website that blacklists all those things we've bought at one time or another that proved to be complete duds. These days you can only find reviews for items that usually highlight posit... Read More »

I'm having trouble finding out what kind of usb cable I need to install my lexmark 1200 series all in one?

Here's some info about cables am pretty sure you need an A/B cable.'A' connector at one end and 'B' at the other.///

Do i need to buy a cpu colling, or can i keep the one thats on?

you probably should buy an aftermarket cpu fan if your making a custom pc. but i suppose it depends on what your going to do with it, if your planning on gaming then i would get one