What is 3g technology in telecom?

Answer The term "3G" is a telecom buzzword in the wireless industry that refers to a form of high speed data network. More specifically, it is a "third generation" platform for high-speed data transfers t... Read More »

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What is a telecom company?

Telecom is the informal term for telecommunications. Telecommunications companies provide the science, development, and transmission of communications through voice, digital data, or video. This in... Read More »

Does Telecom have Bluetooth?

AMD Telecom offers Bluetooth in two versions. The stand-alone version is directly managed from the box, and the network-based version allows you to control the box from anywhere that http access is... Read More »

ABA-Approved Telecom Law Schools?

The American Bar Association (ABA) sets the academic standards for all U.S. law schools. Telecommunications law is a new speciality that strives to prepare students for the international Space and ... Read More »

Can you put a telecom sim card in a iphone?