What is 3M Photographic Tape used for?

Answer 3M produces Photographic Tape that can be used for a variety of purposes. It's made of rubber and has a low gloss, crepe paper backing. Photo tape will cling to kraft paper, and its firm adhesive r... Read More »

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What is the formula for barium sulfate that is used in manufacturing photographic paper?

The chemical formula for barium sulfate is BaSO4, indicating the compound is comprised of barium, sulfur and oxygen. In photography, barium sulfate is used to coat certain papers to give bright, wh... Read More »

Scanners-is it just a photographic copy or is ink some how being used?

Scanners read in the information from the picture and then software converts it to a file on your computer.No ink is used in this process. The strain on your ink is either from printing, or with In... Read More »

Can electrical tape be used with heat tape?

Electrical tape can be used with heat tape. When using heat tape, it is recommended that you use electrical tape instead of electrical wire to hold the heat tape in place. Be careful not to run hea... Read More »

What is kinesio tape used for?

Based on the body's natural healing process, kinesio tape is used to stabilize and give support to muscles and joints without disrupting range of motion or circulation. Kinesio tape is also used fo... Read More »