What Does 5.0Nm/5000 RPM Mean?

Answer The units of 5.0Nm in the term 5.0Nm/5000 RPM represent a torque in Newton-meters. The 5000Rpm part of the term gives the speed of rotation of an engine in revolutions per minute. For a typical eng... Read More »

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What does an ANA of 1 to 5000 mean?

An ANA test is done through dilutions. Thus, results are positive at 1:32, 1:64, 1:128, 1:256. 1:512, 1:1,024, 1:2,048, and so forth. The higher the denominator, the more positive the result. Ther... Read More »

What is 30 percent of 5000?

To evaluate the product of a percentage and a number, multiply the number (5000) by the percentage (30) and move the decimal point two places to the left. In this case, 5000 x 30 = 150,000. Move t... Read More »

Can t use a canon bjc-5000 on my xp?

The Soundstream VIR-5000's Specifications?

The Soundstream VIR-5000 is a head unit for an in-car entertainment system. It features a built-in amplifier, radio and CD player, but it also has a number of multimedia functions including a DVD p... Read More »