What is 2/8-1/8 showing all work?

Answer 2-1 = 1. Now you put that over 8 lol.

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F/P=NforP showing me how to work it out please?

is this a math question? why are you asking in the facebook category?

Bulletin Board Ideas for Showing Children's Work?

Student work exhibits highlight the accomplishments of students. A bulletin board either in the classroom or in the hallway provides a prime location for sharing student work. This allows other stu... Read More »

What season of NCIS is now showing in the UK?

FX is showing season 7 onFridays and 5 will be showing season 6 not sure when, I think both channels show reruns a lot.

What is Thank you for showing up tonight in Spanish?

Since that date many thiongs have been invented, too many in fact to list here. Then there is the small but important point theat what some people would call 'cool' is boring to other people.