Which of these dresses do u like?

Answer i like 2,4 and 6out of those i like 6 the best (the design of it), but i don`t like the color that much

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Please tell me what you think of these dresses!?

I love the blue and yellow one...Not too keen on the polka dot one though. Good style but rubbish colours

What do you think of these dresses?

What do you think of someone who dresses like this?

I guess this would be an example of why I always have a gaggle of semi-unwanted people trailing me a great deal of the time; as if I were you (in this same situation), I would have changed seats an... Read More »

Are there any dresses out there that look like this under $100?

It's a beautiful dress. It costs $100 on the website you gave. It is worth price for its design.If you wanna similar dress under $100, I have found one for you. Read More »