What is 1st class postage?

Answer The U.S. Postal Service lets you send letters and packages at a reasonable price to anyone in the country or around the world. It offers different service levels and prices, including first-class p... Read More »

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What is the cost of a 1st class u.s. postage?

The cost of 1st class U.S. postage depends on size and weight. The price for letters starts at $0.44 for up to one ounce. Large envelopes start at $0.88, and packages start at $1.22 for up to one ... Read More »

What is the postage rate for a first class letter?

As of April 2010, postage for a first class letter (up to 1 ounce) is 44 cents. The cost to mail a letter weighing between 1.1 and 2 ounces is 61 cents. Letters weighing between 2.1 and 3 ounces re... Read More »

What was the cost of First-Class postage in 2006?

The cost of a U.S. Postal Service First-Class postage stamp was 39 cents for each ounce mailed in 2006. Additional ounces were 24 cents each, and post cards could be mailed for 24 cents. Before the... Read More »

What is the cost of a first class postage stamp?

As of 2010, the cost of a first class postage stamp is $.44. This allows consumers to mail up to one ounce. For each additional ounce, the post office charges another $.17. If you want to order sta... Read More »