What does it mean to add a decimal in the product?

Answer A mathematical product is the result of a multiplication problem. The product of 2 times 2 is 4. A decimal point in a product represents a fraction of a number. In other words, 13 1/2 can be repres... Read More »

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What number is all decimal systems and metric system divisible by?

All decimal systems are divisible by 10. The metric system and all other decimal systems start out with a basic unit, such as a gram, a dollar or a meter. The other principal values are obtained by... Read More »

How to Calculate Decimal to Hexadecimal?

Hexadecimals are numbers in base 16 instead of the more familiar base 10. Each decimal position is 10 times the value of the position to the right. Each hexadecimal position is 16 times the value o... Read More »

How to Learn Decimal Fractions?

Fraction-decimal conversion is an operation that can trip-up any math student. But, as long as she has a firm grasp of place value in decimals and fraction reduction, the process is simple. By conv... Read More »

How to Convert a Hex File to a Decimal?

The decimal system is the numerical format which we are most familiar. However, in computer systems, it is not uncommon for data to be stored in hexadecimal, due to its ability to store numbers wit... Read More »