What is 1080p?

Answer The term 1080p describes one of the resolutions available for high-definition television (HDTV). Specifically, 1080p is the highest resolution of HDTV broadcasts as of 2010. A 1080p TV can theoreti... Read More »

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What is the difference in a Blu Ray being displayed at 1080p and a DVD that has been upconverted to 1080p?

That's a question that many consumers ask.The DVD itself has 480 lines of resolution. The conversion multiples and makes some calculations to give you the 1080p. The picture has the same resolution... Read More »

What is better a 1080p 120hz or a 1080p 240hz?

1080p 240hz is the better choice, the numbers 120hz and 240hz are the speeds in which the picture refreshs itself. Which means 240hz is going refresh 240 times per second which is twice as fast as ... Read More »

Normal DVD player that is not 1080p is compatible with 1080p samsung tv?

The proper question to be asked would be: is an 1080p samsung TV compatible with non-1080p DVD players? Probably YES, because most devices today are made to be backward-compatible (ie. be able to p... Read More »

Do newer 1080p HDTVs automatically upconvert digital feeds to 1080p?

All 1080p TVs convert the feed source to 1080p. This is a given, unless the source is 1080p (i.e. BluRay, HD-DVD, computer).If you send anything other than 1080p to the TV, then it will upscale an... Read More »