What is the swing on an MPC 1000?

Answer The MPC 1000 is a music production/sampling device manufactured by Akai. Essential tools of the MPC 1000 that allow music producers to shape their creations include sequencing, sampling and time co... Read More »

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What is ESPN 1000?

ESPN 1000 is a radio station in Chicago, Illinois that features sport talk with Mike Ditka along with others.

What is 1000 years called?

A period of 1,000 years is called a "millennium." The Latin prefix "mille" means thousand. The word millennium also means a thousandth anniversary and is referred to as a time when Jesus Christ wil... Read More »

What does 1000 CE mean?

The term "1000 CE" is another way of referring to the year AD 1000. "CE" stands for Common Era. This naming convention was primarily used by Jews who preferred to avoid using the term "AD," which m... Read More »

What is Microsoft Lifecam vx 1000?

Microsoft Lifecam VX 1000 is a webcam used for video conferences or communicating over the Internet. The VX 1000 is the least expensive model in the Lifecam series.Optimized for Windows LiveWith th... Read More »