What is 100 decimeters equal to how many hectometers?

Answer man im waaay younger than u and its 1000000 i thing im pretty sure but dont get all mad if its wrong k?

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How many decimeters equal a meter?

A meter is the basic unit of length in the modern metric system. A meter contains 100 centimeters, according to Convert Me. A decimeter is 10 centimeters long (the prefix deci means 10), so a mete... Read More »

How many hectometers are in a meter?

A hectometer is 100 meters, so there are one-one hundredth--or .01--hectometers in a meter. This unit of measure is not commonly used, and is perhaps best known when used to measure area--a square ... Read More »

How many MB equal to one GB?

How many kbs are equal to one gb?

If you are talking about GB, Don't calculate directly. As per computer theory1024 KB is 1 MB, and1024 MB is 1 GB.But in terms of Business, it won't be exactly 1024. Roughly it will be1000 KB --> 1 ... Read More »