What is 100 decimeters equal to how many hectometers?

Answer man im waaay younger than u and its 1000000 i thing im pretty sure but dont get all mad if its wrong k?

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How many decimeters equal a meter?

A meter is the basic unit of length in the modern metric system. A meter contains 100 centimeters, according to Convert Me. A decimeter is 10 centimeters long (the prefix deci means 10), so a mete... Read More »

How many hectometers are in a meter?

A hectometer is 100 meters, so there are one-one hundredth--or .01--hectometers in a meter. This unit of measure is not commonly used, and is perhaps best known when used to measure area--a square ... Read More »

How to Turn Decimeters Into Kilometers?

Decimeters and kilometers are part of the metric system of measurement. Conversion from one to the other is easy if you remember these essential facts. The order of the prefixes (or steps) is milli... Read More »

How to Convert Meters to Decimeters?

Meters and decimeters are units of length commonly used in the metric system. The prefix "deci-" means one-tenth. Therefore, a decimeter is equal to one-tenth of a meter. You may have to convert be... Read More »