What is 100 amp house wiring?

Answer Amperage is a measure of the flow of electricity from power lines into your home and to appliances that use electricity. At one time, most homes were wired for 60-amp electrical service, but today ... Read More »

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How was the first house electrical wiring and telephone wiring put in how did the light switches work?

The oldest wiring I have run across is either knob and tube or cleat wiring. The wires did have insulation (rubber had already been invented) and the were supported off the wood frame of the house ... Read More »

What is house wiring?

House wiring for lights, outlets and appliances is standard. However, there is much more to house wiring than electrical wiring, such as wiring for telephones, Internet, cable television, intercom,... Read More »

What is the color coding for house wiring?

Electrical wires are seldom labeled but electricians must know which type of conductors they are: hot, neutral, or ground. The National Electrical Code (NEC) specifies colors for wire insulation an... Read More »

What color is the hot wire in normal house wiring?

Hot wire is a term used to refer to the wire carrying the current. The hot wire in household wiring will be red, blue or black. It should not be white, green or gray.Source:Healthy Housing Referenc... Read More »