What international programs is the US supplying money to?

Answer The emergence of the Soviet Union put an end to the US pre-war tendency toward isolationism. Foreign policy turned toward preventing the expansion of communism, which would bolster the political an... Read More »

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What is an international money order?

An international money order is a type of check. You can use an international money order when you need to send money overseas.HistoryInternational money orders used to be the best way to send mone... Read More »

PhD Programs in International Relations?

International relations has become an increasingly popular field of study in today's globalized society. More employers are finding the need to hire international relations professionals with advan... Read More »

International Affairs PhD Programs?

According to the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs, a graduate degree in international affairs opens the door to leadership positions in government, industry, non-profit ... Read More »

Online International MBA Programs?

The growth of the global economy over the last decade has led to an increased number of business schools offering online international or global MBA programs. These programs often go by a number of... Read More »