What internal organs are responsible for hives, rashes and/or welts?

Answer Your immune system - which functions as part of ALL of your organs. Your skin IS the largest organ in your body, and it's part of your immune system.You are coming into contact with something that ... Read More »

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Do hives or transient skin rashes accompany menopause?

Answer Yes this can happen. In some women (some may never have had an allergy) until menopause will have more allergies. I never had any allergies and when I went into menopause I got all sorts ... Read More »

Can novacaine or the content of a filling cause skin rashes and hives?

AnswerIf you are prone to allergies then anything that irritates skin (including gums) can cause an allergic-type reaction. And tetanus shots can most definitely cause a reaction. Benadryl every fo... Read More »

Who is responsible for establishing internal controls within the organization?

On One Hand: Upper Management is Responsible.Senior-level executives within an organization are typically responsible for creating, implementing and maintaining internal controls. It is their job t... Read More »

Skin red welts !! Help?

It is probably a fluoride rash if your city adds fluoride to the water and you shower in it then you may be sensitive to fluoride