What insurance will cover surrogate pregnancy?

Answer As surrogacy increases in popularity, private insurance companies are implementing exclusions that prevent coverage of maternity care and delivery for a surrogate pregnancy.DescriptionNew Life Agen... Read More »

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How to Cover a Pregnancy With Health Insurance?

A pregnancy, whether planned or unexpected, is a life-changing experience that can be expensive if not covered by health insurance. It's important to find a policy that provides the best care for m... Read More »

If you quit your job during pregnancy would the insurance continue to cover you?

Answer Check with the insurance company and your employment. If your employment had the insurance than more than likely the answer is no. You may get a coverage like COBRA when you leave or they m... Read More »

Does health insurance cover pregnancy&birth?

Health insurance does sometimes cover the costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth. If you have group insurance through your employer, you are more likely to have this type of coverage than i... Read More »

Will your day care's liability insurance cover the amount your personnel insurance doesn't cover?

Umbrella policies are often written as "following form" which means it only provides coverage if your primary (i.e. homeowners policy) provides coverage. Ask your insurance agent if you need to add... Read More »