What insurance is needed for a small business?

Answer You will need a general liability policy and you might be able to get a business owners policy that would cover your property and your liability all in one policy.The most inclusive type of insuran... Read More »

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What insurance is needed to operate a small business?

Small business insurance is necessary to protect owners from personal liability and property damage. One legal judgment awarded to a plaintiff against an owner without insurance, or a natural disas... Read More »

What is small business insurance?

Small business insurance is a separate product and provides unique coverage to homeowner's insurance. Whether you work at home or in an office building, you need to protect yourself from liability ... Read More »

What type of insurance is needed for floor cleaning business?

What kind of insurance is needed for a commercial cleaning business?

For your liability insurance there is a site you can visit at to get an online quote and check prices. Answer You will need a commercial General Liability and a commercial aut... Read More »