What instruments can be used for people with sight problems?

Answer It is not uncommon to find great musicians with sight problems. Ray Charles was a blind musician who played the piano, saxophone and clarinet. He and other musicians have proved that even those wit... Read More »

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Can over masterbation really cause problems with your eye sight?

No...that was just a myth to get people to stop doing it or not do it ever. It was jsut something that instilled guilt on people who were just being normal

I've been having problems with my sight lately and need some advice...?

I would make sure to rule out any brain tumors. Also, look to see if your retina is becoming unattached.

Problems With Laser Sight & Scope Zero?

Zeroing in your rifle scope with a laser is an expedient method with a fair degree of accuracy. However, laser beams provide a straight line between the rifle barrel and the target; lasers cannot c... Read More »

Sight Word Activities for Kindergarten Children With Learning Problems?

Mastery of sight words, the common words that make up over half of all reading tasks, is vital to reading success. The sight words need to be learned so well that readers recognize them automatical... Read More »