What instrument sounds like a train horn?

Answer The instrument that makes the sound of a train horn is called the train whistle. There are several different types of train whistle. Some make a simple whistling sound, while others imitate the dee... Read More »

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How to Oil the Valves on a French Horn Instrument?

With all the valves on a French Horn, oiling it can seem as though not even a rocket scientist can do it. Have no fear! Oiling and preparing a French horn is much easier than it seems.

What is the best train horn?

well its all a matter of opinion, most people say the nathan KL5A is the nicest sounding. a nathan M5 sounds pretty good too. my personal favorite horn is the old leslie A-200 honkers that were on ... Read More »

What kind of horn does an MBTA Orange line train have?

How loud is a train horn?

The loudness of a train horn or whistle varies based on distance, with the decibel (db) level averaging about 90 db at 500 feet from the source. In the U.S., federally mandated loudness levels are ... Read More »