What instrument sounds like a train horn?

Answer The instrument that makes the sound of a train horn is called the train whistle. There are several different types of train whistle. Some make a simple whistling sound, while others imitate the dee... Read More »

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How to Oil the Valves on a French Horn Instrument?

With all the valves on a French Horn, oiling it can seem as though not even a rocket scientist can do it. Have no fear! Oiling and preparing a French horn is much easier than it seems.

What is the best train horn?

well its all a matter of opinion, most people say the nathan KL5A is the nicest sounding. a nathan M5 sounds pretty good too. my personal favorite horn is the old leslie A-200 honkers that were on ... Read More »

How many db is a train horn?

As of 2010, U.S. federal regulations limit the maximum volume of a train horn or whistle to 115 decibels (db), with a minimum of 96 db (for safety reasons). At a distance of 500 feet, the volume of... Read More »

Train horn nos bottle?

yes, but it would sound funny( sorry, couldnt help myself there )Hooking it up to direct compressed air or even compressed CO2 would be much cheaper.