What instrument should i learn to play thats not percussion and is cool when you know how to play it?

Answer Guitar.

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How to Learn to Play an Instrument?

Learning to play an instrument may seem daunting to someone who has little experience in doing so. This is an easy and more casual approach to music.

Is there a cut off age, where it's too late to learn to play an instrument?

There is one point beyond which you can not learn to play an instrument. That point is called "death." Any time up until then, go for it!

What made you pick up a guitar or any other instrument and learn how to play?

I should say Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page or Eric Clapton I guess but it was actually after going to a Pink Floyd concert and watching David Gilmour play. He is amazing and doesn't get the recognition ... Read More »

Which music instrument(s) do you play play or would you like to play?