What insect is a predator to a hummingbird?

Answer Praying mantises have been known to prey on hummingbirds. Praying mantises eat all varieties of smaller insects, as well as larger creatures such as mice, frogs and hummingbirds. They are able to c... Read More »

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What insect looks like a hummingbird?

The hummingbird moth is often mistaken for a hummingbird because of its coloration and movements. Additionally, unlike most moths, hummingbird moths are active during daylight hours. Moths are fl... Read More »

Who played the predator in aliens vs. predator requiem?

Ian Whyte II portrayed the Predator in the 2007 film, "Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem." The British actor also played all of the Predators in "Aliens vs. Predators," a film that was released in 2004.... Read More »

How to Play Wolf Predator in Aliens Vs. Predator 2?

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What does insect spray do to a spider (or an insect) when you spray it?

the majority of the sprays effect the nervous system...some interfere with the signal from the nerve to muscle, some interfere with the signal nerve to nerve. Actually there is a lot more to it th... Read More »