What insect could cause my daughters forearm to swell 4 inches around the bite?

Answer who cares get her to the emergency room right now you why are you asking stupid questions you should get her to some health care right now. that Is really really bad if your daughters arm swells 4 ... Read More »

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What would cause a red ring around the spot of an insect bite?

I'm re-answering this question once more, as the number and variety of comments was surprising (which is cool) and in many cases wrong (which is not).As far as I can tell, I can't find an answer to... Read More »

What could this insect bite be?

Most likely a spider of some sort. If you start experiencing numbness in that limb you should go to a hospital and get checked out. It's probably not anything bad but better safe than sorry.If yo... Read More »

Could drinking a lot of carbonated water cause your lips to swell and crack?

You could either make the drive to Florida for every UTA (which would turn out to be very costly and time consuming), or you could do an Interstate Transfer to the North Carolina Air National Guard... Read More »

What kind of bite could cause a rash and facial swelling?

On One Hand: Spider Bites Can Cause These SymptomsSpider bites in general cause redness and swelling when venom is injected. There are many types of spiders, and some, such as the black widow and b... Read More »