What insect could cause my daughters forearm to swell 4 inches around the bite?

Answer who cares get her to the emergency room right now you why are you asking stupid questions you should get her to some health care right now. that Is really really bad if your daughters arm swells 4 ... Read More »

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What can i do about an insect bite on my arm?

Take your allergy tablets now. If no improvement after a few hours see a may need something stonger.

What insect bite is it?

There are Mosquitoes in England, alongside gnats and midges. So you most likely have been bitten by Mosquitoes.................

What could this insect bite be?

Most likely a spider of some sort. If you start experiencing numbness in that limb you should go to a hospital and get checked out. It's probably not anything bad but better safe than sorry.If yo... Read More »

Painful red insect bite?