What injuries do you get from hanging?

Answer Crushed windpipe, broken bones depending on how high up you were, possible whiplash

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If you are at fault in an auto accident and the other driver said at the scene he was not injured and didn't appear to have any injuries how long does he have to claim injuries later?

Answer not sure about legal time line but if you report the accident immediately or even now ( if you did not) your insurance company will assist you with the information. if for no other reason t... Read More »

What to do about my injuries?

Try stretching every morning, before any activities. Nothing too crazy, but something to warm up your muscles, especially in your back, hamstrings, arms, etc. Warming up your neck muscles by rollin... Read More »

How to Prevent Eye Injuries?

Eye Injury PreventionTouch, sound, smell, taste and sight. For most if us, the thought of losing our sight can send shivers down the spine. From shampoo in your eyes to corneal abrasions (and worse... Read More »

Cornea Injuries?

The cornea is the part of the eye that reflects images into our retina which, in turn, produces sight. Injuries to this part of the body can be particularly dangerous resulting in terrible repercu... Read More »